Important Information on the Truck Body Design Process

When it comes to truck body design, JOMAC is the leader. JOMAC custom builds aluminum truck bodies for professionals who need a truck body that will give them full performance, while not being heavy enough to cause higher gas prices. With these truck bodies, the aluminum used will not rust or begin to break down. Through their extensive knowledge, the professionals at JOMAC can help truck owners create their custom built truck to the exacting standards they require for the intended use for the truck.

Unlike other manufacturers, JOMAC creates every truck body by hand. There is no factory-line assembly that auto produces the body. Instead, experienced craftsman work with the customer to learn what the truck will be used for so it can be built to fully meet their needs. Since each body is handcrafted, each truck becomes entirely unique and click here no two are alike.


The advantages of having JOMAC create a truck body include:

Aluminum bodies that are built tough and will not rust

10-year warranty on the structural integrity of the body

Full box cabinet designs that can be custom sized

LED lighting for extra visibility

Shelving made from 13 gauge aluminum

Stainless steel hardware that will not rust or corrode

Rubber door seals for watertight protection

Workstation options

When this company crafts a cabinet for a truck body, it is not done like their competitors. Using a full box design, each cabinet is custom built to the customer’s exacting needs and measurements. All cabinets feature a 3/16 inch to 1/4 wall thickness. JOMAC’s competitors use much thinner pieces of aluminum and do not invest their time and talents to create custom full box designs for their customers. These cabinets offer double the strength and durability of any other competitor’s on the market.

Those who need custom bodies created for their service trucks should click here for more information. This company stands behind each and every body they create for lasting durability and polished appearances. Contact them today and you can receive a free quote on your truck body job. These professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure your needs are fully met and your expectations are exceeded.


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